Retractable Seating

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Retractable Seating

Also known as bleacher or telescopic seating this is the ultimate in multi-purpose seating. Popular in both auditorium and sporting facilities our retractable seating is both stylish and practical. Where multi use space is at a premium it is the perfect solution.

Mounted on a powered telescopic platform, units are usually provided with automated control. This allows your tiered seating area to be created or put away in a matter of minutes. All at the push of a button.

Designed with your space in mind

A wide range of chairs and seating types are available with the retractable offering. For an auditorium, we offer simple and practical upholstered benches with back rests right up to individual upholstered chairs with arms. In the sports sector we plastic timber of plastic bench modules or individual plastic chairs. In line with all our offerings we have a range to suit your space and budget.

Strength, safety and durability are important. We ensure that all our products conform to relevant BS and EN standards to allow safe installation and usage.

Product lifetime support and maintenance on Retractable Seating

Ongoing support is crucial, we offer after sales and maintenance service contracts for the life of the product.

With the confidence of our support you can reply on your system to perform time after time.

With a vast range of finish options, we are sure to be able to cater for your needs. Timber or carpeted decks, fascia panels and side drapes are just a few ways to enhance your system.

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