Vogue Bench

When a timber bleacher isn’t quite enough. The Vogue bench sport seat is the perfect choice.

An individual, one piece blow moulded sports seat designed mainly for use on retractable units. Nose mounted on the platform or deck it offers the same efficient use of space as a timber bench.

Based on a 457mm centre the modules can be laid out to suit. Units can nest together or be set at wider spaces to give the feeling of more space.

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Comfort and Durability

Comfort and Durability

The profiled set base is set to work in tandem with the shape of the body. The general curve of the seat offers enhanced comfort over standard timber benches.

Individually moulded using high density polyethylene, a lightweight but super strong material, it offers outstanding durability. The plastics impact resistant properties make the front face ideal for use as a rebound surface in a sports hall.

The spark eroded textured finish is wipe clean, maintenance could not be easier.

Get Creative with Colour

There are seventeen standard colours to choose from and it doesn’t stop there. We can also provide custom finishes.

Be creative and use a mix of colours to create a pixelated look. Its also possible set the benches to form letters.

This is particularly impactful when the units are stored, displaying the club, school or team name on the closed face.

Not just for Sports Halls

Although the benches are typically geared towards use in sports halls they are equally happy in other settings.

In school halls where durability is paramount they are a great alternative to upholstered benches. Screen printed seat numbers can be added, meaning allotting spaces for ticketed performance is simple.

Ready to upgrade your space?

If you are interested in discussing our retractable seating options and how they might suit your project drop us a line and one of our expert team will be in touch!

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