People, Place and Purpose

Race Furniture, part of the Ocee International Group

Our organisation has shared values, but each company has its unique personality based upon its heritage, design style, products, and audience. We like it that way. We share leading research, design, and manufacturing skills to create a relevant portfolio of cutting-edge products and services. Everything we do is founded on expert knowledge and exceptional service. And a deep love for furniture.

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Our Way of Being

Living to our values is vital. We practise them—every day.

FDA (Function, Design and Aha moments)

Function, Design and Aha moments! We believe our fundamental principle creates unrivalled functionality, ingenious design and a healthy dose of wonder that helps to enrich and inspire the lives of our customers, end-users and employees.

Aim to Amaze

Going the extra mile to amaze our customers is in our nature; it is not an aim. We hope to inspire customer loyalty through our service, our people, and their experiences.

Passion for People

We have a true passion for everyone around us. We will recruit individuals who share our culture and value; that we believe will continue to enrich our community. We believe that sharing knowledge, having fun, and socialising together is central to our success.

Collaborate to Innovate

Our organisation and international family is full of passionate, bright, knowledgeable, talented individuals with different heritage and experiences. The collaboration of these brilliant minds allows for true innovation.

Ambition with Humility

We continually seek ways to embrace change, grow and strengthen our business and international family. We do so with humility and consideration for everyone associated with the company.

Acting Responsibly

In everything we do, there should be a consideration for people, the planet and financial security. Collectively, as an international company, we are committed to acting responsibly, celebrating diversity, and promoting sustainability. We know every single local effort contributes to the wider global impact.

We believe there are exciting times ahead. Guided by our six core values we will rise to the challenge, embrace new technologies and explore new business opportunities with curiosity. Do you want to join us?

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