Freedom to choose what your venue will be today, and every other day.

Choose Stanway seating & Metrodeck tiering. 

Our most versatile products have worked independently for years, but together, they’re the essential building blocks of adaptable performance spaces. 

a 3D computer generated image of a modular tiered seating and staging system

Are you looking for ultimate control of your space?

You will see the benefit of the versatility of both products as you unlock complete freedom to configure your space, exactly as desired! Whether you’re looking to create a school auditorium that functions as both a lecture hall and a performing arts space, or a local theatre that needs to be able to offer in-the-round, thrust, or even open-air performances. The choice is yours with Metrodeck and Stanway.

Features & Benefits:

  • Suitable for a huge variety of venues including churches, school halls, town halls, performance venues, studio theatres
  • Can be used together, or individually, to create a vast array of configurations within your space.
  • Easy to store. Both systems are supplied with trolleys and store compactly.
  • Unlike retractable seating systems, there are no moving parts, so less to go wrong and therefore lower maintenance and service costs
  • Can be customised to match your aesthetic with multiple finishes and fabrics available.

Praise for Stanway
An empty auditorium with red chairs and a microphone.

Praise for Stanway

“They are easy to connect to together and store and have made a massive difference to us day-to-day!” Amy Daniels of Camden People’s Theatre

Praise for Metrodeck

“Metrodeck completely changed the way we use the hall” Bruce Sibley, Cavendish School, Eastbourne

In Stanway we have found the perfect partner for Metrodeck: versatile, stylish, well-made, easy to handle and compact to store. The possibilities are endless.”

Phil Sparkes, Sales & Marketing Manager, Stage & Tiers