If you are looking for a durable chair with comfort and looks to match the Scholar Lecture Theatre Chair is your ideal choice.

Designed with today’s modern educational environment in mind the chair is perfectly suited to use in a university, business school or college lecture theatre.

A lecture hall with rows of auditorium seating

Audise by Race Furniture

A high quality seat for students
A lecture hall with rows of auditorium seating

A high quality seat for students

Today nearly all modern educational establishments have call for a quality lecture theatre chair.

The way lessons are delivered has changed with outdated overhead projectors being replaced by modern interactive whiteboards. Lecture theatres that are too cold in winter and baking hot in summer are now becoming a thing of the past. This said there has been little change in the need for comfortable, robust lecture theatre chairs. Our Scholar chair fits the bill perfectly.

Designed for use in university, college and school lecture theatres, the Scholar is the ideal choice. Given no two spaces are the same, this chair is ideally suited to being tailored. Special riser heights, tread depths and row layouts can all be easily accommodated.

A set of blue tip up seating with a wooden counter table behind them.

Robust, durable and comfortable

Our in-depth knowledge of the educational market means we understand the requirements of our customers.

Our chairs are manufactured using modern construction methods, they are designed to last. Damage happens so we make it easy and economical to replace components when required. Simple fitting procedures, that can be carried out by the on-site team, are especially relevant as there are no costly call out charges.

Comfort is a huge factor in any lecture theatre, improvements lead to reduced movement and increased concentration. All our chairs are designed to offer the perfect postural position and make best of the space allowed. Writing ledges are set to provide the very best ergonomics, meaning optimum student focus

Our designs offer great flexibility and can be tailored to suit the exact spaces available. We make sure that you don’t need to compromise on your requirements.