A large auditorium with rows of purple auditorium seating

Refurbishment Services

We can teach your old seats new tricks!

Our passion is creating environments that are comfortable and inviting to your patrons. If your venue needs a revamp, refurbishing the seating can be the ideal way of modernising a space, and as a result enhancing visitor experience. Refurbishment offers a more cost-effective way of upgrading your seating, while also reducing waste by re-using and repairing existing components.

“The renewal of our seating came at a busy time for us. The Race team understood our needs perfectly, installation was swift, efficient and smooth. The result elevates our auditorium into something really special”.

Robin Byers, Service Manager – Place & Experience, Durham County Council

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  • We offer a no obligation site consultation. This allows us to assess your requirements and discuss your needs.
  • We can work around your venue timetable offering a quick turnaround. This is because we understand that downtime can mean less revenue.
  • By reusing and repairing as much of the original seat as possible we make the process more cost-efficient and create less waste.
A large auditorium with rows of purple auditorium seating
1:14 min
Race Furniture drawing on environmental impact of seating Refurbishment

Environmental impact

Refurbishing your seating rather than replacing can help to lower your venues environmental impact.

Often the framework of the seating is still fit for purpose, whereas the upholstery and wood finishes are more susceptible to wear and tear. These are the areas more likely to be needing attention, and therefore the focus of the refurbishment. We will always aim to work with as much of the original seat where possible. By offering a free site survey we are able to determine which areas need replacing, which need repairing and which can be reused.

Good choice!

Contact our team of experts who will guide you through our process of adding the sparkle back to your seats!