Be Unique. Be Bespoke. Be Stanway

This gem of a Stackable Seating Collection has so many applications, working beautifully in any setting; Theatres, Offices, Conference Centres, Law Courts & Places of Worship to name but a few.

Create flexible, manoeuvrable, and multi-use spaces.

Available in 3 heights for instant tiering with a wide range of finishes and accessories to add, the Stanway seat is extremely versatile and can create stunning, flexible spaces. 100% British Made, the Stanway can be customised & hand made to order with bespoke fabrics & finishes, and optional extras such as removable seat numbers and bespoke trolleys.

We have also partnered with tiering specialists, Stage & Tiers, to offer their Metrodeck tiering solution alongside our Stanway seating as a complete solution for creating flexible venues. Find out more here.

Remember, these product models are for your reference only. We provide bespoke seating solutions, so while we use these models to form the basis of the seat, they are completely customised to suit your requirements and 100% unique to you. 

Features and Benefits

  • Available in three heights (perfect for instant tiering):
    • Stanway Standard Height.
    • Stanway Mid Height.
    • Stanway High Height.
  • Available in two standard widths 500 and 540 mm seat centres.
  • Can be created in bespoke seat height, width, and back angle dimensions.
  • Fully customisable.
  • Chair-to-chair linking available.
  • Row linking available.
  • Writing tablet option.
  • A wide range of finishes available.
  • Mobile trolley with lockable wheels.
  • Optional attachable seat number/ letter.
  • Attachable under seat basket/ book holder.
  • Customisable real wood, veneer, high-pressure laminate, fabric, and leather finishes.
  • Bespoke seat height, width, and back angle dimensions.
  • Customisable arm rests, end panels and writing tablets designs.
  • Integrated signage and storage solutions.
  • Typically, our seats are all FSc approved, and contain 80%+ recycled steel content.


  • Fully Customisable to client requirements
  • Black
  • Metallic Silver


  • Fully customisable to client requirements with a wide choice of finishes.
  • Upholstered seats and backs.
  • High pressure laminate (HPL) seats and backs.
  • Natural solid-woods or natural veneers seats and backs.
  • Powder coated frame finish.


  • Wood – Birch plywood seats and back.
  • Polyurethane upholstery foam (CMHR) seats and back.
  • Steel – mild steel frame

Fire Performance

  • Bespoke Specification Fire testing available upon request
  • All Fabrics conform to BS 5852:2006 Clause 12. Ignition Source 5 (Crib 5): Medium Hazard.
  • All Polyurethane Foams are: Combustion Modified High Resilience (CMHR)


  • Seat height (Height from ground level to nose of seat pan) – 450mm (Standard); 600mm (Mid); 750mm (High)
  • Seat Spacing (Lateral) – 500-540mm (Standard); 515-555mm (Mid); 525-565mm (High)
  • Nominal Height (Height from ground level to the back crown) – 825mm (Standard); 975mm (Mid); 1125mm (High)
  • Nominal Length (Distance from the nose of seat pan to rear of back rest) – 605mm (Standard & Mid); 625mm (High)


Standard height (450mm)

  • Standard 450 high 500mm wide – 6.5kg
  • Standard 450 high 500mm wide with arms – 7kg
  • Standard 450 high 540mm wide – 7.5kg
  • Standard 450 high 540mm wide with arms – 8kg

Mid Height (600mm)

  • 600 high 500mm wide – 8kg
  • 600 high 500mm wide with arms – 8.5kg
  • 600 high 540mm wide – 9kg
  • 600 high 540mm wide with arms – 9.5kg

High Height (750mm)

  • 750 high 500mm wide – 9.5kg
  • 750 high 500mm wide with arms – 10kg
  • 750 high 540mm wide – 10.5kg
  • 750 high 540mm wide with arms – 11kg

Trolley – 8.5kg

Integral Accessories

  • Integrated power and data.
  • Folding writing tablets.
  • Seat and aisle signage.
  • End of row panels.
  • Row linking bars.
  • Floor tethers.
  • Storage trolleys.

We can integrate any accessory, from any supplier, as per your requirements. 


  • Removeable seats for wheelchair space


  • Race Furniture’s products can be disassembled with standard tools thereby allowing reuse, refurbishment, repair, and recycling of components. Typically, our seats are all FSc approved, and contain 80%+ recycled steel content. For further guidance on our sustainability procedures and certifications please reference our Sustainability Manual.

A large auditorium with an ornate ceiling.
two bespoke seats
Stanway Optional Seat numbers and Row Letters
green chair
Stanway seat numbers and row letters render
Tiered Stanways

If you would like to see the Stanway in your next project you can submit an enquiry to the Race Furniture team and one of our expert project managers will get back to you.

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