Alexandra Palace Theatre

Alexandra Palace Theatre

Bringing a historic venue back to life.

The Details:

Seating Solution: Stanway Stacking Chair

Client: Alexandra Palace

Services Utilised: Bespoke Design, Value Engineering, CMF Consultancy, Safety and Standards Expertise

Working With: Charcoal Blue Theatre Consultants

Alexandra Palace Theatre…

…were looking to restore the their historic theatre that had been preserved in a beautiful state of arrested decay and frozen in time for over 80 years! They wanted to create a space that retained the charm and character of the theatre while being fit to host contemporary productions. And the seats they created had to match! Race Furniture was approached by Charcoal Blue as a possible supplier of 400+ stacking chairs for the renovated theatre.

The Solution

Several sample chairs were presented and the Race Stanway chair was chosen over competitors, due to the high level of flexibility they offered the venue. Stacking 30 chairs high, the Stanway was customised so that the chairs could link together but also arc for curved rows.

The Outcome

Construction work began in 2016 following years of research and design and the restoration preserved as much of the original detail as possible. The £27m restoration breathed new life into the space and brought audiences back to the hidden gem that is Alexandra Palace Theatre. The Stanway seat allows them to hold audiences in a multitude of ways – from straight rowed seating, curved arc rows, and even standing due to their stackability.

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