Camden People’s Theatre

A new seat for a much loved experimental theatre

The Details

Seating Solution: Stanway Max

Client: Camden People’s Theatre

Services Utilised: Bespoke Design, Value Engineering

Working With: De Matos Ryan

An empty auditorium with red chairs and a microphone.

Camden People’s Theatre…

…planned to revitalise the much loved venue by upgrading its performance space, rehearsal space and foyer for the first time in its 26-year history. Their aims were to create a more exclusive space, a more comfortable space, and a space that could have its usage maximised. They needed 67 comfortable, flexible seats created for their performance space to match the other newly refurbished areas of the venue.

The Solution?

The solution chosen was our Stanway Max seating. With it’s wider seat pan, it is an extremely comfortable option. The Stanway Max also provides a huge level of flexibility to the venue with its easy manoeuvrability.

“Working with Race has been fantastic, we were able to give our audiences a comfortable environment to enjoy a show. The chairs interlock really simply and look very elegant in our space.”

Harriet Vincent of Camden People’s Theatre 

The Outcome

Finished in a crimson red fabric with dark veneered back the seat matched the refurbished venue perfectly. A simple, stylish and budget-friendly solution that will allow the space to be used in a variety of ways and give the community the comfort they deserve.

Amy Daniels of Camden People’s Theatre said of their new seats:

“The delivery of the new chairs was a very exciting day for us indeed at CPT! They are a great symbol of how much we have transformed as a venue and something that people often comment on when they see us for the first time since we have reopened. They are easy to connect to together and store and have made a massive difference to us day-to-day!”

Good choice!

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