A large auditorium with rows of tiered seating

Grand Opera House, York

There’s beauty in the bespoke

The Details

Seating Solution: Tempest with bespoke ornate end of row stanchions

Client: Grand Opera House, York – Ambassador Theatre Group

Services Utilised: Bespoke Design 

Grand Opera House, York…

…after it’s extensive restoration back in 1988, it was time for the Grand Opera House, York to be given a freshen up. From a new logo, signage, and bar to reupholstered balustrade, improved facilities and digital ‘at-seat’ drinks ordering system – the aim of the refurbishment was to bring the 120 year old building into the 21st Century. And what does every venue refurb need (and deserve)? New seats, of course!

The Solution

Race stepped in to create a seating solution for the Dress Circle that mirrored the style of the existing seating in the Grand Circle and Stalls. Using our Tempest seat, upholstered in a stunning Clarke & Clarke ruby ‘Alvar’ velvet, was the perfect fit. The design team then took to designing the bespoke end of row stanchions and the outcome was a work of art! A beautiful solid steel, art-deco panel finished in a luxurious pearl gold was used to adorn the end of row panels – adding to the glamour and beauty of this historic venue.

A complex layout, there were several challenges to work around – predominantly that of the curved, snaking rows. Using our expertise, and working directly with the client we were able to reach solutions that would enable them to give their audience the best viewing experience possible – exactly what we do best!

The Outcome

As with every Race project, the seating was installed to schedule and received fantastic praise from the venue. Reviews of shows after the opening also heralded the ‘comfortable seating’ (1) in enhancing the luxury experience at the newly refurbished theatre. Another great Race success story, and one in the first of many with ATG!


(1) https://yorkmix.com/review-six-at-grand-opera-house-york/

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