A large room with wooden community seating and a projector screen.

Iona Village Hall

Only the best seats for an award-winning space

Iona Village Hall

The Details

Seating Solution: Stanway

Client: Iona Village Hall

Capacity: 150

After 10 years of planning and fundraising, the new Iona Village Hall was ready to open their doors to the local community, with a comfortable seat ready and waiting for them!

A large room with rows of wooden chairs.

Best-in-class facilities & conditions

Since it’s opening in 2021 the building has been awarded several awards including:

Race Furniture’s Stanway seat was the obvious choice for a project of this scope. Its flexible, manoeuvrable nature allows the space to be configured in many different ways – perfect for a space that is host to everything from PE lessons and mother and baby groups to local theatre performances and town hall meetings.

The building is already transformative for the island community and our visitors – I hope you enjoy seeing your excellent products in place”. – Joanne MacInnes, Trustee

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