rows of grey seats in an auditorium

JYSK Auditorium

A hub for a global community

The Details

Seating Solution: Alto

Client: JYSK

Working With: Ocee & Four Design; AK83 architekter; Scan Office

Capacity: 410

The wooden backs of chairs in an auditorium

Designing Seating for JYSK’s New Auditorium

JYSK, a leading global retail chain, embarked on a project to create a new auditorium to serve its community. This initiative aimed to provide customers and employees with a comfortable and stylish space for events, presentations, and community engagement. The focus was on integrating modern design principles while ensuring functionality and brand alignment.

Race Furniture was enlisted to design and implement seating for the new JYSK auditorium that reflects the brand’s image, maximises comfort, and accommodates diverse audience needs.

Crafting Comfort and Style

Working closely with AK83 arkitekter we developed a seating plan that seamlessly integrated aesthetics with space optimisation while emphasising modernity, comfort, and adaptability for various events.

The elegant Alto seat was chosen to fulfil the needs of the client. Upholstered in 3 shades of the grey ‘Crisp’ Gabriel fabric to create a visually appealing setting, while the back of the seat have a slight radius to it’s profile to allow for enhanced comfort. There were also writing shelves integrated on several of the rows to allow the space to be used for more educational lectures.

By combining modern design principles with customisation options, the project contributed to JYSK’s commitment to providing a premium experience for their whole community.

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