A large lecture hall with lecture hall seating filled with students

Loughborough University

A brand new connection between student and teacher

The Details

Seating Solution: Connect Collaborative Bench Seating

Client: Loughborough University, Design School

Services Utilised: Bespoke Design, Value Engineering

Working with: Burwell Architects, Shephard Construction

Loughborough University…

…tasked Race Furniture to develop a lecture theatre format that allowed for both a didactic and collaborative learning. They also wanted to create a space that encouraged group learning and a place where teachers could explore new ways of teaching while interacting closely with their students.

The Solution

Race Furniture worked with Burwell Architects, who had looked to the repetitive yet informal geometry of the Giants Causeway for inspiration, to create a series of bench seats with shared tables that snaked across the room. Race Furniture reinterpreted traditional bench seating to create CONNECT, the first ever collaborative booth style lecture hall seat.

The Outcome

The layout allowed for maximised sightlines, interchangeability between didactic and collaborative learning formats without moving student or furniture, and movement around the room for teachers to collaborate effectively with their students.

The design went on to win numerous awards and CONNECT has since been used in prestigious educational institutions around the globe.

Take a 360 tour of the lecture theatre

A large lecture hall with lecture hall seating


“We are really enjoying working in the building…

Feedback from students, staff, and visitors has been spectacularly positive.”

Professor Tony Hodgson, Dean of Loughborough University Design School

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