An auditorium with grey theater style seating

Guildhall School of Music & Drama: Milton Court Concert Hall

A seat that performs!

The Details
Seating Solution: Bespoke Broadway Seating
Client: Guildhall School of Music & Drama
Services Utilised: Bespoke Design, Safety and Standards Requirements, Ergonomic Design
Working With: RHWL Architects, Charcoal Blue Theatre Consultants, Sir Robert McAlpine, Arup Associates

Guildhall School of Music & Drama…

…needed 608 seats created for their brand new concert hall as part of the development of their new building Milton Court. The state-of-the-art performance space has the largest audience capacity of any of the London conservatoires – comparable with the Wigmore Hall, and needed its seats to complement it’s stunning wooden finish and meet specific requirements around acoustics and ergonomics.

The seats needed to be produced so they did not emit any noise, but so they also absorbed sound too.

The Solution

Our Broadway seat was chosen for this project due to is capabilities and customisation options. To provide a seat that absorbed sound we used a perforated underside seat pan, practical and it served the seat with even more style! To meet the ergonomic requirements the seat was created in a variety of styles including high and low backs, and wider seats.

The Outcome

After rigorous testing to ensure our seat matched the specification we were awarded the project to complete all seating requirements in the new Milton Court building. The stunning seats in a blend of grey upholstery fabric and wooden backs complimented its sumptuous wood-panelled surroundings. A seat that really pushed our team to blend creativity and innovation with strict process and restriction, we worked diligently to create seats that stunned the audience and satisfied the every need of the client and venue.

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