A row of purple auditorium seating in an auditorium.

New Vic Theatre

Variety makes seating extra special!

The Details

Seating Solution: Bespoke Broadway Seating

Client: New Vic Theatre, Newcastle

Services Utilised: Bespoke Design, Safety and Standards Requirements, Ergonomic Design

Working With: Hewitt and Carr Architects, Novus Solutions Contractors

New Vic Theatreā€¦

…urgently needed to replace broken seating and bring the venue up to modern standards, to improve the comfort and experience for their audiences. Due to the complexities of the theatre, with it being a theatre-in-the-round, the requirements for seating were wide and varied.

The Solution

Race Furniture created a custom Broadway seat, 597 of them in fact, with 20 different variants of the same seat. The variants included bespoke handrails on the end of row seats, removable seats in the front row that can be replaced with barriers, and raised backs on the front row balcony seats to create an additional safety barrier.

The Outcome

This project was a great example of how the Race Furniture team pull together, particularly in one of our most challenging times during the pandemic, to create something truly unique. The gorgeous new purple seating created a more comfortable experience for the audience while the flexibility of the seating on the front rows allowed for further flexibility with performances.

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