An auditorium with rows of blue theater style seating.

New Victoria Theatre, Woking

Seating with audience experience at the heart

The Details

Seating Solution: Broadway

Client: Ambassador Theatre Group

Services Utilised: Bespoke Design

Capacity: 952

New Victoria Theatre Woking…

… were looking to replace their original seats which over 30 years of entertaining had seated an estimated 9 million people! An update to the 952 seats had to have the audience experience at heart, making sure guests of the theatre had a comfortable and enjoyable visit.

ATG and the team at the New Victoria Theatre came to Race Furniture as experts in bespoke seat design to create a solution that would bring new levels of comfort to their audience.

The Solution

Working closely with the team at the New Victoria Theatre, Woking we were able to create a hand-made solution that is bespoke to the auditorium to ensure the maximum amount of comfort, leg room and accessibility can be achieved. The design places a midnight blue fabric and black metal work centre stage, giving a slick and sophisticated look to the auditorium. High-backs, arm rests and optimum angles bring comfort and support to patrons coming to be entertained.

We were able to responsibly recycle the old seating as well as refurbish and restore the seats in the boxes to match the aesthetic of the new fixed seats.

The Outcome

After being installed by our expert team, the seats seem to be settling in to their new home well, and the theatre has received positive feedback from their audience.

JJ Almond, Theatre Director, said of working with Race Furniture “It has been such a pleasure to work with you, you have all been so calm, flexible and kind. Nothing phased you, you were all so response and totally solution/outcome focussed”.

A positive outcome, a beautiful seat, and happy audiences – that’s just how we do.

Good choice!

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