Students using Race Furniture Connect Seating at University of Leeds

University of Leeds

Transforming a trio of theatres!

The Details

Seating Solution: Connect & Bespoke Table and Chair

Client: University of Leeds

Services Utilised: Bespoke Design, Technology Integration, Safety & Standards Guidance, Value Engineering

Working With: Burwell Deakins Architects, Southerns, Pure AV

University of Leeds…

…wanted to create lecture theatre spaces that allowed group discussion alongside the use of installed technology for group work, interaction, communication and recording. The inclusion of technology was to contribute to the successful delivery of the University’s Digital Strategy for student education. They wanted to create a space that enriched students learning experiences, while also allowing the teachers to explore new methods of teaching.

The Solution

Working alongside Burwell Deakins Architects and Southerns, Race Furniture proposed the use of our collaborative bench seating, CONNECT, to create strong pedagogies and interactive environments for both student and teacher. Race collaborated with Pure AV to install technology, including tethered laptops, into the benches.

The Outcome

The response to the new learning spaces was fantastic from both students and teachers. There was a significant improvement in user experience amongst the students following the innovative transformation. Students were surveyed before and after the transformation with regards to how satisfied they were with the lecture theatres, how comfortable they found the writing surfaces, how conducive the room was for group study, how satisfied they were with AV and IT provision and how well the lecture theatre lends itself to group work.

The results were outstanding! Students loved the new facilities, with overwhelming satisfaction scores above 80% for each of these areas. With each area achieving growth of +20% in satisfaction.

The theatres were also awarded Education Project of the Year, in the AV News Awards, which are recognised as the leading awards in the AV sector.

Survey statistics from: Lecture theatre transformation success at University of Leeds

Bespoke seating at University of Leeds RSB Lecture Theatre by Race Furniture


“The collaborative spaces, with desk-based technology which is innovative, enables students to work collaboratively through digital means and enriches their learning experiences…

This first year we have seen a number of the staff undertake the type of teaching they’ve wanted to do for many years but haven’t been able to because of the configuration of the space. The impact is huge for teachers as they are actually able to do the teaching that they want to do and from that comes the positive student satisfaction figures that we’ve seen from our survey.”

Professor Neil Morris – Director of Digital Learning, University of Leeds


“We need more lecture theatres like this!”

“Great for group work”
“It is much better and comfier”

Student Feedback

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