rows of green seats in Wimbledon Media Centre room

Wimbledon Media Centre

Serving up the best seats in house!

The Details

Seating Solution: Prestbury

Client: All England Lawn Tennis Association

Working With: Calanpoint; Knight Harwood

Capacity: 36 ‘Super User’; 83 standard

rows of green seats in Wimbledon Media Centre room

The Wimbledon Championships are a global sporting event that are loved and watched by millions internationally. In 2023, the All England Tennis Association were ready to upgrade their media centre, just in time for the Championships in July.

This new media pavilion, home to international broadcasters during The Championships, needed to provide the perfect broadcast environment with the latest in AV and IT tech, and needed a superior seat to match. These seats would be from where tennis legends would be interviewed by some of the biggest media outlets in the world, and as such, they needed to be the ‘grand slam’ of seating!

The Race Furniture Prestbury seat is one of our most elite seats with its sturdy stature, elegant style, and robust comfort, is a popular choice among many of our corporate clients, and was the obvious choice for this elite project.

embroidery on a seat that says 'The Championships, Wimbledon' with two tennis rackets

A beautiful seat for a stunning space

Of the 119 seat places needed, 36 of these were to be ‘Super User’ seats. These seats had several bespoke elements with the main one being advanced power and data options to allow seamless interviewing. Due to the nature of the wide armrests in the Prestbury we were able to turn one armrest into the housing for the AV units such as microphones.

As the space is used to for some of the biggest interviews on TV at that time, it has to be ensured that while those interviews are being conducted, the environment is as quiet as possible which means… no squeaky chairs! Our team worked tirelessly to ensure that all seat tipping mechanisms, writing tablet hinges, and AV mechanics could be operated silently so as not to cause any unnecessary disruption to recordings.

All seats were upholstered in a beautiful Sunbury Leather coloured to match the iconic Wimbledon green. The seats also had the ‘Wimbledon Championships’ logo embroidered into them to create a truly bespoke seat, branded precisely to the clients requirements. As a finishing touch, we supplied some bespoke ‘reserved’ sashes, created to sit and blend perfectly around the seat back so as to hide the logo when the seats are being used for other events.

These seats were truly a testament to the expertise of our entire team and showcase our bespoke seating opportunities to the best of their ability. Some may even say we Aced It!

Good choice!

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