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Why choose Race Furniture for your educational space?

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

And investment in your students’ learning environment is the gateway to greater education!

Your students’ engagement and learning retention are of paramount importance, and the seating you install can have a real impact on this. At Race, we have decades of experience in creating seating solutions that will enhance your students’ learning experience, which in turn will yield greater student satisfaction (and grades).

No need to do the maths, put simply, choosing Race is genius.

Approved supplier on the National Framework Agreement

As the approved lecture theatre seating & installation supplier on the National Framework Agreement, Race Furniture is committed to helping universities to optimise and future-proof their educational spaces, and to maximise the revenue potential of their properties. We are constantly listening to, and learning from, educators and the universities’ Estates teams to create solutions that will serve them in the best way possible.

A bespoke design service

Ergonomic reviews for your students comfort

Layouts planned effectively and efficiently

Safety & standard testing as required

Site surveyance

Value engineered to your budget

100% on-time handover

A team of experts dedicated to your project

A respected and renowned design service

A respected and renowned design service

Our in-house team of designers are one of our biggest USPs.

They work tirelessly to ensure that the quality of your seats are second to none. Not only do they design beautiful bespoke seats, they are also experts in safety standards, ergonomic and anthropometric design, sustainable design, spatial planning, sightline analysis, 3D modelling, and so much more.

Race Furniture drawing on environmental impact of seating Refurbishment

Refurbishment service

Looking to give your existing seating a new lease of life?

We are experts in considerate refurbishment and seat design and have been trusted by prestigious venues around the globe to revive their tired seating. A simple update on fabric colour or texture can completely modernise a space.

A lecture hall with wooden desks, lecture hall seating and a projection screen.

Integrated technology

Keeping students connected

We work with trusted suppliers to offer technological advancements to our products. Whether you need a Prestbury with integrated USB charging port or a CONNECT bench with embedded, interactive screens – we will have a solution for you.

Certified for quality and environmental standards

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and ensuring excellent customers satisfaction.

The best way we see these focus areas met, is to manage our environmental aspects and the quality of our products in a formalised way and to obtain relevant certifications on this. We are certified for FSC®ISO 14001 environmental managementISO 9001 quality managementAchilles BuildingConfidence Gold Standard, and SafeContractor.

A large lecture hall with lecture hall seating filled with students

Good choice!

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