Bristol Theatre Seat

If you are looking to retain the traditional look and feel of your auditorium but want to take advantage of modern design the Bristol Theatre Chair is the perfect choice.

Harking back to theatre chairs of yesteryear a curved timber back and show wood top rail provide that classic look.

Using our unique tip up mechanism the seat cushion operates without finger traps. Essential for today’s modern Theatre Chair.

An empty auditorium with red tip up seating

Audise by Race Furniture

The Classic theatre seat
An empty auditorium with blue theater style seating

The Classic theatre seat

Retro style refers to new things that display characteristics of the past, we have developed an auditorium chair that captures this perfectly.

Once the staple of nearly every theatre, cinema and auditorium in the UK. It was hard to avoid chairs built on cast iron stanchions with a curved wooden back and velour pads. You would also be hard pressed to find one that came in any other colour than red!

An empty auditorium with red tip up seating

Now let’s update it

Our all new version of the classic auditorium chair has been adapted to suit modern requirements, standards and expectations.

The crown height of the seat has been lifted to reflect the increase in average height. The tipping mechanisms operating the seat cushions have been designed to eliminate the risk of finger traps. Vital in a landscape where adherence health and safety codes is not an option.

Advances in manufacturing techniques mean CNC machines easily replicate the once handmade curved backs. CMHR foam is used to give the chairs maximum comfort and comply with current fire regulations.

An empty auditorium with red tip up seating

Breathe new life into your theatre

Designers of the past were clever, they made chairs with deep curved backs so tight row spaces could be used.

This is especially prevalent in upper areas such as grand and dress circles. Combining a tight tread and high row rise creates the perfect parabolic curve to aid sight lines. Modern chair designs use deep padded backs and sloped stanchions, these characteristics don’t tend to work in old spaces.

We stay true to tradition and let the curve of the back create the comfort. This means the Bristol chair works perfectly on existing Fixed Tiering, no need for costly and time consuming re-stepping.

Our designs offer great flexibility and can be tailored to suit the exact spaces available. We make sure that you don’t need to compromise on your requirements.