Chipping Norton Theatre Seat

Classic styling never goes out of fashion, very much the mantra during the evolution of this chair.

The Chipping Norton captures the very best elements of function and design. Starting life as a custom chair the model now takes pride of place in the standard range. With its timber panels, luxurious fabric and a letter box pull through it’s a modern-day classic.

Created to mimic the Cotswold charm and sophistication its name suggests, the elegance shines through.


A row of red and green tip up seating in an auditorium.

Audise by Race Furniture

Made to work for you
A row of red and green tip up seating in an auditorium.

Made to work for you

Most of today’s theatres demand flexibility, the landscape is very much geared around spaces being all things to all men.

As is the case with many Audise models the Chipping Norton Chair appears in many forms. Portable removable chairs, high seat chairs and chairs without arms are but a few of the adopted forms.

During the design phase it’s vital that the range can be adaptable. This allows the complete continuity required to join the different areas of the theatre together. Stalls, slips and circle chairs from the same family create a seamless connection.

A row of blue auditorium seating in an auditorium.

Traditionally Modern

There was a time when the word traditional was terrifying prospect. It suggested old, tiered and boring. Not anymore. Today’s design has moved on, embracing our heritage and taking advantage of time honoured classics.

Whereas there is still a huge call for clinical contemporary, traditional now has a much more prominent place.

We like to look at the Chipping Norton as traditionally modern. Very much along the lines of the new Mini or the Fiat 500, classic design reinvented. CMHR foam, water-based lacquer covering the timber and most importantly a seat tip with no finger trap risk.

A row of blue auditorium seating in an auditorium.

Great design doesn’t have to cost the earth

Some say great design comes at a cost, our aim is to dispel this myth. Great products that are well made don’t have to come with the price tag to match.

Our rich history in chair design has helped to create affordable style. Sure you can add expensive fabric or special wood finishes, but it was vital to make this model accessible.

Designing from the ground up allows us to take advantage of standard material sizes with no comprise on the outcome.

The chair we have created is comfortable, elegant, affordable and stylish. With no risk of finger traps it also ticks the safety box.

Our designs offer great flexibility and can be tailored to suit the exact spaces available. We make sure that you don’t need to compromise on your requirements.