Encore Bench

A staple in many school assembly and dining halls. Upholstered bench seats are mounted on a retractable platform, often referred to name bleacher seating,

The perfect solution when looking to accommodate the maximum number of spectators in a tight space.

The Upholstered Bench comes with many options on colour and type are available, back rests can be fitted for added comfort.

A large auditorium with purple retractable seating and stairs.

Audise by Race Furniture

Retractable Bench Seating
A row of bench seating in a large auditorium.

Retractable Bench Seating

Upholstered bench seating mounted on a retractable telescopic platform is a common sight UK in schools. Comfortable and durable it really does tick all the boxes. Use it for assembly, lessons and even evening drama classes. Upholstered benches really are a jack of all trades.

With luxuriously upholstered seats, the choice of colour is endless. Select a high-pressure laminate for the bench fascias to give a robust and visually appealing finish.

When not used as a seating unit you “bleacher” is folded away and commonly used as a rebound surface. In this case the fascia panels on the bench seat are then transformed in use to repel balls from any errant shots.

A wooden floor in a gymnasium with retractable seating stacked up

Multipurpose use

Customers often enhance the comfort and look of the bench seats by adding fold down back rests to each seat place. This small adjustment allows many more uses of the space and opens different revenue streams.

By also adding encore seat numbers, row letters and demarcation lines to the benches ticketing events is also much easier.

When bench seating is used on your retractable platform speed of operation is maximised. Add self-storing rails and setting up the unit is then a single person operation.

Popular in schools, college and sports halls upholstered benches are a great choice when budgets are tight.

Our designs offer great flexibility and can be tailored to suit the exact spaces available. We make sure that you don’t need to compromise on your requirements.