The flagship model of our Auditorium range which was developed in partnership with a major client.

Designed to the “visual” brief, we made sure comfort and durability were factors of the end result.

The chair conjures up thoughts of a very European style. Clean lines, un fussy and elegant in appearance. Free of visual fixing points the mystery of its rigidity it hidden beneath the luxurious exterior.

An auditorium with rows of tip up seating and a projection screen.

Audise by Race Furniture

Stylish and robust
A row of seats in a theater.

Stylish and robust

Style and strength work hand in hand on the Farringdon chair.

Essential bedfellows in fact for all our auditorium range. Designed for high use environments this is a contract offering with domestic features. Closed sides, clear edges and chiselled features; The Farringdon is a true thoroughbred. Equally at home in a classic theatre, corporate lecture theatre or convention centre there are few restrictions.
tip up seating

Customised to your requirements

In the words of Shakespeare, as you like it.

All our chairs come with the option customise, height, depth, angle. Unlike the play there is no need escape into the forest, we offer options for timber accents as standard. Outer panels for the back and under-seat give the chair a different feel. Dark, light, natural, timbers can be coloured or veneered to suit. We can even book match to slatted wall panels, doors or floors. Total continuity of design, complete choice, exactly what you come to expect from a quality chair.

A row of tip up seating in an auditorium.

No trapped fingers

In a modern auditorium the users should feel safe and secure.

Some, with a more mealy mouthed approach, may put less importance on the risk of finger traps. At Audise by Race Furniture we believe it to be a vital design component. Although the construction of the tip mechanism is different to most of our chairs, this key feature remains.

Our designs offer great flexibility and can be tailored to suit the exact spaces available. We make sure that you don’t need to compromise on your requirements.