Fixed Tiering

With a vast array of options fixed tiering or terracing is an extremely popular way to enhance sight-lines.

A fixed steel structure which is cladded with plywood forms a strong a stable terrace base. Add to it our Educational Seating or Auditorium Seating for maximum benefit.

A group of people sitting on colourful tiered seating solutions in a lobby.

Audise by Race Furniture

Designed to suit
A group of people sitting on colourful tiered seating solutions in a lobby.

Designed to suit

Although we have a tried and tested method of construction the layout is flexible and designed to suit. No compromises need to be made, we tailor the system to your specific design. With variable riser heights, tread depths and step widths there are no limits.

All the structures meet current British standards for manufacture and come with relevant certifications. Using high grade steel and FSC sourced timber we ensure the materials are the finest available. In areas where the acoustic performance is important we have a range of options.

For greater dampening of footfall additional layers of plywood can be supplied. We can also add Soundblock plaster board and acoustic treatment to footplates in areas such as cinemas.

A row of staging with blue tip up seating on them.

Ideal for Lecture Theatres

Stepped tiering or raked structures are extremely popular in today’s lecture theatre space. It is vital that every student gets the best possible view, fitting fixed tiering ensures this is the case.

Often bridging over ventilation units or electrical fittings, close co-ordination with other trades is essential. We have the capability to fit electrical outlets, air diffusers or even hearing induction loops within our structures.

Enhance the space even further by adding a front stage or lectern, ramps can also be provided for wheelchair access

A group of people sitting on colourful tiered seating solutions in a lobby.

Finished to your requirements

Appearance is important, we make sure our tiering is finished to the highest standard.

Many customers choose to have carpeted decks but we can use timber or laminate if preferred. Handrails or side barriers can be steel, timber cladded or Perspex.

There is no limit to the choices available.

Our designs offer great flexibility and can be tailored to suit the exact spaces available. We make sure that you don’t need to compromise on your requirements.