Kensington Theatre Seat

The Kensington Theatre Chair is a classic theatre chair, developed to serve the UK theatre market it’s the perfect all-rounder.

In the late seventies and early eighties there was a cultural shift in the UK. Multi-purpose venues replaced old cinemas and the modern multiplex started to form.

Customers wanted more; comfier seats that more importantly were sized to suit an ever growing population.  Gone were the tight tread spaces and narrow chairs of yesterday. People wanted comfort and would vote with their feet, or their backsides.

An empty auditorium with red tip up seating

Audise by Race Furniture

The classics never go out of fashion
Red tip up seating

The classics never go out of fashion

The saying that style never goes out of fashion couldn’t be more appropriate to the Kensington Theatre Chair. Clean lines finished at the row ends with upholstered or timber panels, classy as well as classic.

Luxuriously deep seat cushions combined with a gently curved back promotes perfect postural positioning.  Each chair is hand finished by our skilled upholsterers using the finest contract grade cover material. Depending on choice we can offer tweed, velour, wool or even leather.

To further enhance the chairs, we can offer timber outside backs, seat undersides or arms. Made from the material of your choice we can even colour match the lacquer.

A row of red auditorium seating in an auditorium.

Designed for your theatre

Many theatres offer multi-level viewing in the stalls, balcony, dress and grand circles.

Every chair we fit needs to be designed to suit the different viewing angles and physical space.

Stalls chairs have a more laid back geometry as the viewer is looking up or across. A circle chair needs to be more upright as the view is down toward the stage.

The Kensington Theatre chair is adaptable and lends perfectly to a multi angle set up.

An empty auditorium with red tip up seating

Removable Chairs

Modern venues are designed to be flexible and as such need to be adaptable. We make removable chairs to seamlessly sit alongside the fixed chairs.

Easily removable but secure fixings allow chairs to be taken away to house orchestra pits or sound mixing areas.

Likewise, these can be used to create space for wheel chair users.

Our designs offer great flexibility and can be tailored to suit the exact spaces available. We make sure that you don’t need to compromise on your requirements.