Oxford Chair

The classic pedestal theatre chair has been a staple in cinemas and auditoriums for more than four decades.

A single centrally located support stanchion is provided below the seat cushion for a clean contemporary look.

Many of the original installations have now been recovered or replaced, the pedestal chair however lives on.


  • Writing ledge available

Audise by Race Furniture

Perfect for curves

Perfect for curves

Owing to the nature of a curve the pedestal chair is the perfect solution is in these cases.

The seat and back squabs are housed within the metalwork meaning each chair is individual. The units are set together and the arms fitted to abridge the joining point. Ensuring the seat cushions don’t clash when on a tight curve, our designers have a perfect eye for detail. This method also ensures that we fill the row spaces in your auditorium for clean lines to the aisle positions.

Solid construction

We use a combination of flat bar steel for the sides and heavy gauge box section for the support pedestal.

This gives the chair the stability and strength that is required to maintain our lifetime guarantee on moving parts. Seat and back bases are cut from top quality FSC plywood, upholstered in a choice of luxurious materials. All fabric seems are double sewn and we only use contract grade foam for perfect long-lasting comfort.

Flexible and adaptable

As with all our seating the Oxford theatre chair is completely customisable.

Wider seats, taller backs and longer arms are a few adaptations available. Altering the sitting or crown height of the chairs helps where there are small differences in row heights.

Interested in the Oxford Chair for your space?

Our designs offer great flexibility and can be tailored to suit the exact spaces available. We make sure that you don’t need to compromise on your requirements.