Over the years there have been many developments in theatre seating. However, our customers need for a top-quality theatre chair has never changed.

We have though seen a shift in the kind of venues we supply chairs to. These days schools, corporate offices and even cruise ships are common destinations.

The Winchester chair is the perfect solution for theatre, home cinemas, schools and corporate auditoriums alike.


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A large auditorium with rows of auditorium seating

Audise by Race Furniture

Same chair, different legs
A large auditorium with rows of auditorium seating and a red ceiling.

Same chair, different legs

In many theatres, we supply different versions of the same chair to suit the location. In stalls areas chairs are mounted on a gentle slope enabling the viewer to look up at the stage.

For balcony and circle areas we upright the stanchions and change the seated angle. This means the posture of the audience member is supported as they look down to the performance area.

This flexibility is our strength and offers great benefits to our customers.

A large auditorium with rows of auditorium seating

Ultimate choice

The Winchester chair offers the ultimate in choice, add a thicker back, deeper seat or even longer arms.

We can make chairs removable to facilitate the location of wheelchair bound patrons, or leave space for an orchestra pit. Seat numerals, row letters and even illuminate aisle lighting are added to make seat finding quick and easy.

We often get asked for special fabric choices, the truth is there are virtually no limits on the options. Traditional velour, modern wool fabric or even real leather coverings help our customers create the perfect look.

Our designs offer great flexibility and can be tailored to suit the exact spaces available. We make sure that you don’t need to compromise on your requirements.