Race Furniture and Stage & Tiers Partnership

Your venue, your way with Stanway and Metrodeck

Race Furniture and Stage & Tiers Partnership

Race Furniture and Stage & Tiers have announced that they will be combining their most versatile products to give venues the building blocks for creating adaptable performance spaces! By putting Metrodeck tiering, by Stage & Tiers, and Stanway Stacking Chair, by Race Furniture, together will allow customers full control over how they configure their spaces.

While the two companies will remain separate, they will collaborate closely on future projects where the products, skills and resources can be shared, with Stage & Tiers’ Metrodeck being integrated into Race’s offering to new and existing clients.

“More than ever before, our clients are looking to maximise flexibility. In Stanway we have found the perfect partner for Metrodeck: versatile, stylish, well-made, easy to handle and compact to store. The possibilities are endless.” – Phil Sparkes, Stage & Tiers

Benefits of the products being used together include:

  • An offering that will work for a huge variety of venues including churches, school halls, town halls, performance venues, studio theatres
  • The products can be used together, or individually, to create a vast array of configurations within the space
  • Both systems are supplied with trolleys and store compactly, giving the venue more flexibility and manoeuvrability 
  • Unlike retractable seating systems, there are no moving parts, so less to go wrong and therefore lower maintenance and service costs
  • Can be customised to match the aesthetic of the venue with multiple finishes and fabrics available

Whether it be a school auditorium that functions as both a lecture hall and a performing arts space or a local theatre that needs to be able to offer in-the-round, thrust, or even open-air performances. The choice is that of the venue with Metrodeck and Stanway.

To find out more about this partnership and how it will benefit anyone looking to upgrade their space to become more flexible and manoeuvrable please head to racefurniture.com/stage-tiers-partnership/

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