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Theatre Seats

These seats are the stars of the show

A row of auditorium seating in an auditorium.


The classic theatre seat

Looking for the quintessential theatre seat? Look no further than the Tempest. A versatile system that can be customised to suit the unique demands of your space, this seat IS theatre! Opt for the heritage model with its decorative frame if you’re looking for something even more special.

Meet the Tempest

A row of theater chairs in different colours.


An art-deco inspired design, oozing glamour and luxury.

Who doesn’t love the drama of the roaring 20s? Transport your theatre-goers to another era with The Warwick. Its fluted fan shaped back, upholstered in the fabric of choice, adds a touch of vintage-glamour, while the contoured, fully upholstered arm rests add to the luxurious comfort of this seat.

Meet the Warwick

A large auditorium with rows of yellow auditorium seating

The Tub Chair

Comfort, style, and flexibility all in one amazing seat

Does your theatre space demand flexibility and style? The Tub Chair allows you to create fluid, manoeuvrable spaces and can be provided with floor tethers to provide a semi-permanent fixing to enable multiple seating layout configurations. This modern-day take on a theatre seat is stylish, sleek and sophisticated, and will leave your audiences sitting pretty – that’s a promise!

Meet the Tub Chair

A row of purple auditorium seating in an auditorium.


Broadway by name, Broadway by nature – a real showstopper!

The pioneering pedestal seat. Our Broadway seat offers a world of possibility with its customisable elements, including raised backs, bespoke handrailing, and dynamic sizing. Theatres in the round particularly like this style as it is perfect for layouts on a tight curve.

Meet the Broadway

A large auditorium with red and purple auditorium seating


Elegant, versatile, and comfortable.

Sounds like the perfect theatre seat right? Square and boss-like in its appearance, the Prestbury is a blend of style and comfort that can be customised to fit the unique needs of any venue, and will definitely put a smile on your audiences face as they take a seat!

Meet the Prestbury

A large auditorium with an ornate ceiling.


Boldly Bespoke. Beautifully Bold. 

Perfect for intimate theatre settings, or larger performance spaces that demand multiple layouts, the Stanway is a real chameleon. Available in 3 heights, which provides instant tiering, a multitude of finishes, and a huge array of fabrics, this seat will transform your space into every performer’s paradise.

Meet Stanway

A large auditorium with auditorium seating and a stage.

Bespoke Seating

Uniquely crafted seats, just for you
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Refurbishment Service

Give your existing seats a new lease of life

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