Airport terminal seating consisting of four black chairs in front of a window with an airplane in the background.

Transport Terminal Seats

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3 metal chairs on a train station platform


Alight here for a compact, comfortable and affordable solution

Comfortable, affordable, robust? Alight checks all the boxes!

Developed specifically for busy transport terminals with heavy traffic, this hard-wearing system is perfect for areas where space is at a premium. Its support structure is suitable for differing floor surfaces, can be either fixed or freestanding, and customised to fit any available space

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counter top


Treat your customers to touchdown

The Touchdown range offers an extremely durable solution for powered workstations in busy public environments. Popular in airport terminals as they allow travellers to charge and use their electronic devices while waiting to board flights, the range helps to enhance overall experience for your passengers. The Touchdown tables can be customised to fit into any specific space and you can opt to have matching stools and bespoke designs to create a unique and stylish look.

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bench in a bus stop


A very Dash-ing Perch Seat

Sturdy and simple, the Dash platform perch seat has been developed specifically for bus stops and rail platforms. A robust support structure means it can be safely installed in a variety of situations. Sit in the knowledge that you have an extremely reliable seating solution The range is made from extremely strong material and is built to withstand daily use, meaning you can sit peacefully in the knowledge that you have an extremely reliable seating solution.

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hospitality seating, including Three purple chairs and a coffee table

Ernest Race Heritage Collection

Waiting never looked so good.

Looking to take your public waiting area to the next level? Why not treat your visitors to a seat in an iconic British design? The Ernest Race Heritage Collection will definitely exceed your customers expectations and will add a touch of glamour and sophistication to wherever they sit. Whether you are creating a VIP lounge, or want your waiting area to be the ultimate in comfort and style – this collection is for you.

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Bespoke Seating

Uniquely crafted seats, just for you
A row of black terminal seating in an airport.

Refurbishment Service

Give your existing seats a new lease of life

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