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Auditorium Seats

Seats that perform for every type of space

auditorium seating in a auditorium.


Broadway by name, Broadway by nature – a real showstopper!

The pioneering pedestal seat. Our Broadway seat offers a world of possibility with it’s customisable elements, including raised backs, bespoke handrailing, and dynamic sizing. This style is perfect for layouts on a tight curve.

Meet the Broadway

auditorium seating in a auditorium.


Comfortably cool.

Keep your audience engaged and motivated with the Prestbury. Square and boss-like in its appearance, the Prestbury is a blend of style and comfort that can be customised to fit the unique needs of any venue, and will definitely put a smile on your audiences face as they take a seat.

Meet the Prestbury

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Elegant, sleek, versatile – that’s our Alto!

Looking to maximise the potential of your space with a seat that is compact, yet still stylish? Enter the Alto.

Providing a light appearance as well as comfort and postural support, the Alto is the perfect seat for auditoriums that are working as lecture halls, performance spaces, and conference venues – it is extremely popular with performing arts schools.

Meet Alto

A large auditorium with blue tiered seating and a skylight.


Maximum opportunity in one small seat

If your auditorium demands versatility then look no further than the Malvern. The beam-mounted seating system, with its modular, aluminium-framed design is highly adaptable. Perfect if your seats need to work for a range of audiences. Customise your Malvern with work surfaces, integrated tech and a variety of finishes.

Meet the Malvern

auditorium seating in a auditorium.


Comfort and class combined. 

With its clean lines and a geometric form, the Swan adds a touch of modern elegance to any venue it sits within. Swan is deceptively comfortable, with luxuriously soft padding to the seat and a profiled lumbar cushion.

Meet the Swan

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Bespoke Seating

Uniquely crafted seats, just for you.
auditorium seating in a auditorium.

Refurbishment Service

Give your existing seats a new lease of life.

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